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Srimati Radharani’s Appearance Day Ki Jaya!

Jaya Radhe Jaya Radhe Radhe

by Hari Vyasa Devacarya


Introductory Verse (not sung)
nava-nava rańgi tri-bhańgi jaya, syāma su-ańgi syāma
jaya rādhe jaya hari-priye, śrī-rādhe sukha dhāma
All glories to that Person who stands in a beautiful three-fold stance! He is the connoisseur of newer and newer playful sports, and His body is effulgent with the nicest dark complexion. This is Lord Syama. All Glories to You, Radhe! All glories to You, Hari-priya! O Sri Radhe! You are the abode and reservoir of all happiness!”


Refrain 1 (odd verses)
jaya rādhe jaya rādhe rādhe jaya rādhe jaya śrī-rādhe


Refrain 2 (even verses)
jaya kṛṣṇa jaya kṛṣṇa kṛṣṇa jaya kṛṣṇa jaya śrī-kṛṣṇa


Verse 1
syāmā gorī nitya-kisorī prītama-jorī śrī-rādhe
O Sri Radhe! You are a fresh young maiden with slender waist, endowed with the luster of new adolesence, the fairest golden complexion, eternally situated in the sweet blossoming of divine youth. You are the only perfect math for Your most Beloved.


Verse 2
rasika rasīlo chaila-chabīlo guṇa-garabīlo śrī-kṛṣṇa
O Sri Krsna! You are the true relisher of transcendental mellows, sweet and relishable in every aspect, effulgent that You represent the topmost super excellence of pure enchantment, and in great pride due to Your awareness of Your own transcendental qualities.


Verse 3
rāsa-vihārini rasa-bisatārini piya-ura-dhārini śrī-rādheO Sri Radhe! You are the sportive Princess of the ecstatic rasa dance festival, which You organize every night, the distributor of pure ecstatic rasa mellows to all other living entities, and You love to embrace the chest of Your lover.


Verse 4
nava-nava-rańgī navala-tribhańgī syāma-su-ańgī śrī-kṛṣṇa
O Sri Krsna! You are the connoisseur of newer and newer playful sports, You like to stand in a three-fold bending posture that always appears ever-fresh, and Your body is perfectly exquisite in both proportion and deep dark complexion.


Verse 5
prāna-piyārī rūpa-ujyārī ati-sukuńvārī śrī-rādhe
O Sri Radhe! You are the most dear loving friend of everyone’s life. You manifest a brilliant splendor of sheer beauty. You are extremely soft and delicate due to Your fresh youth.


Verse 6
maina-manohara mahā-moda-kara sundara-bara-tara śrī-kṛṣṇa
O Sri Krsna! You are the enchanter of the mind of Cupid. You are the giver of great transcendental bliss to all living entities and Your beauty surpasses the best by far.


Verse 7
sobhā-sainī mobhā-mainī kokila-bainī śrī-rādhe
O Sri Radhe! You are the manifestor of wonderful beauty while You are gracefully reclining on a flower bed. You radiate the luster of the transcendental Cupid, Lord Kamadeva. Your speech sounds just like the soft, gentle cooing of a cuckoo bird.


Verse 8
kīrati-vantā kāmini-kantā śrī-bhagavantā śrī-kṛṣṇa
O Sri Krsna! You are honored by Your own glorious fame. You are the lover of lusty young gopis. Your position is the highest amongst all the different forms of Godhead.


Verse 9
cańdā-badanī kundā-raḍanī sobhā-sadanī śrī-rādheO Sri Radhe! You are the possessor of a spotless moon-face. Your teeth look just like small round jasmine flowers. You are the very abode of majestic beauty and splendor.


Verse 10
parama-udārā prabhā-apārā ati-sukuńvārā śrī-kṛṣṇa
O Sri Krsna! You are the most supremely magnanimous personality Your body aura radiates out into unlimited eternity. You are naturally endowed with the softness of extremely youthful charms.


Verse 11
haḿsā-gavanī rājati-ravanī krīḍā-kavanī śrī-rādheO Sri Radhe! You are fond of walking like a majestic swan. You are the most radiant lover and the instigator of many fun sports and contests.


Verse 12
rūpa-rasālā naina-bisālā parama-kṛpālā śrī-kṛṣṇa
O Sri Krsna! You are the embodiment of the most relishable type of beauty and the topmost merciful personality.


Verse 13
kañcana-belī rati-rasa-relī ati-alabelī śrī-rādhe
O Sri Radhe! You are just like a golden creeper wound around the Syama tamala tree and are completely full to the brim with ecstatic mellows of purely divine love. Your unique activities are conducted in complete privacy.


Verse 14
saba-sukha-sāgara saba-guṇa-āgara rūpa-ujāgara śrī-kṛṣṇa
O Sri Krsna! You are the ocean of all types of happiness. You are the mine of all qualities and you radiate a famous aura of glorious beauty.


Verse 15
ravanī-ramyā tara-tara-tamyā guṇa-agamyā śrī-rādhe
O Sri Radhe! You are the most charming mistress of Your beloved. You are naturally situated at the topmost level of successive greatness and Your divine qualities are imperceptible to ordinary senses or minds.


Verse 16
dhāma-nivāsī prabhā-prakāsī sahaja-suhāsī śrī-kṛṣṇa
O Sri Krsna! You are a permanent resident of the holy abode of Sri Vraja. You radiate a most influential aura. You naturally wear a pleasant smile.


Verse 17
śaktyāhlādini ati-priya-vādini ura-unmādini śrī-rādhe
O Sri Radhe! You are the very potency of divine pleasure. Your speech is such that whoever hears it becomes lovingly attached to it. Your breasts are crazed with the wildest desire to be satisfied by Your Beloved.


Verse 18
ańga-ańga-tauna sarasa-salauna subhaga-suthauna śrī-kṛṣṇa
O Sri Krsna! You are endowed with such bodily limbs that each and every aspect of them is very captivating. Your beauty is indeed saturated with an all-pervading, overflowing rasa current. Your chest is beautifully endowed with majestic divine opulences.


Verse 19
rādhā-nāmini guṇa-abhirāmini hari-priya-svāminī śrī-rādhe
O Sri Radhe! You are celebrated with the most blessed name of Radha! You please everyone with your good qualities. You are the only worshippable Queen for Haripriya (the author, Hari Vyasadeva).


Verse 20 (not sung)
hare-hare-hari hare-hare-hari hare-hare-hari śrī-kṛṣṇa

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