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From Amrita Vani, Devotional Service by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Prabhupada, English translation by Bhumipati dasa


49. Is anger toward those envious of devotees a limb of devotional service?


We should display anger toward those who are envious of devotees. This is a particular limb of devotional service. A lack of anger against blasphemers is unjustified. But we need to understand who is actually envious of devotees. Those who do not serve the Supreme Lord, the Supersoul and most blissful friend of all living entities, do not benefit themselves but instead invite trouble by their envy of Krsna and the Vaisnavas. Such people are branded as envious, and we should not show them mercy. These people become intoxicated by worshiping materialists. We should both ignore them and display our anger toward them.


But before that, we have to see whether we ourselves are envious of devotees, whether we ourselves are actually serving Krsna. Or are we serving something else on the pretext of serving Krsna? How much are we attached to Krsna? Are we trying to enjoy the objects meant for Krsna’s enjoyment?


I think my enjoyment-prone material body is fiercely envious of Krsna and His devotees, because instead of thinking constantly of Krsna’s lotus feet and happiness, I am busy worrying about my own happiness, blaspheming others, and looking for faults. I do not look at myself at all. I am such an offender at the feet of devotees that I should first learn to display anger toward myself. I am so envious of devotees that I should beat myself with shoes simply to purify myself. Then I can set an example for others and sincerely engage in the service of Hari, guru, and the Vaisnavas. I must remember that everyone is worshiping Hari but me. I am unable to do so. I should also remember that I may die at any


So first we should show anger toward our own sinful propensities, such as our desire for profit, adoration, and distinction and our propensity to cheat others. We must correct ourselves first. Otherwise, we cannot correct others. Then we have to correct those who are related to us, who are envious of the spiritual master and Krsna and who are pulling us toward material enjoyment by tempting us. This is the secret of success.

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